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Pet Sitting Services

“For Your Other Loved One”

As a pet owner and pet sitter her entire life, Kimberly Stanford understands the importance of gaining trust in others; when needing Pet Sitting Services. Therefore, A Bridge For Independence offers Pet Sitting Services for any occasion. Services may be provided in your home, a hotel or your current living environment.

Every pet needs to be loved as much as a human. It is essential that your pet has an experience with a caring individual and can remain in their loving environment during your temporary leave. Endure your next "adventure or responsibility" knowing that your pet will be fed, given water, walked and played with; per your terms. Birds, Turtles, Hamsters, Gerbils, Aquatic pets and more are included in our services.

A Bridge For Independence will adhere to your current schedule of Pet Care Needs.

Package Rates are listed below. If needed, we can adjust the package/rate based upon your pet’s unique needs.

Single Pet Sitting Visit

Includes: walking, feeding/water, cleanup, play and lots of fun with affection $25.00 per visit.

Extended Pet Sitting Visit

In your home, hotel or current living environment while you are out for the day or evening $18.00 per hour, two hour minimum.

Extended Pet Sitting Visit While You Are Traveling

Includes: Overnight stay; as well as an evening and morning visit $80.00 per episode.

We are committed to providing Excellence in Service with qualified, experienced employees. A Bridge For Independence, LLC is licensed, bonded and insured.